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Michigan relocation guide                      Birmingham Michigan  

Are you relocating to Michigan or moving to Michigan because of a job transfer or a new job? Moving to Michigan can be scary. I am sure the news channels from whatever city you are from has blasted all the bad things about Detroit across your TV.   But do not worry.   Detroit is just 142 square miles  and the State of Michigan is about 96,716 square miles.  Detroit is just one very small part of Michigan.  If you are like so many other residents of Michigan the City of Detroit will just be a city that you visit once in a while to see a major sporting event, or to go to a festival, or to go to dinner, or to go to a museum. 

It is not unusual for many residents in the suburbs of Detroit to never leave their local area for weeks at a time. Everything you need for entertainment, dining, recreation is in the metro Detroit suburbs.  So when you relocate to Michigan you really never have to go to Detroit unless your job demands it or you want to go.

Detroit Michigan

I myself live have lived in the suburbs of Detroit my whole life.  55 years of never being robbed, mugged, or having my car stolen.  Most of Michigan is safe.  Yes, just like the state you are moving from there are bad aresa you stay away from.  The suburbs around Detroit have so much more to offer to you.   I have a Michigan relocation planner on this website to help you organize your move and help you find the right piece of Michigan real estate.  Michigan is a great place to live and enjoy life.  When relocating to Michigan it does not matter whether you are relocating to Southeastern Michigan or some other part of the state you will find a place that you will love. I will try to break down so of the top neighborhoods in Michigan for you. 

If you are like so many people who move to Michigan your concerns will be about safety, your Moving to Michigandrive to work, the communities, and the school system.  Knowing what the best school districts in SE Michigan is important when moving here

 Click on the side links or one of the ten pages below to find out more information on top cities in Michigan, crime, schools.  We have tried to put together pages and easy links to make your move easier.

I hope this website gives you a glimpse of what our area is like.  It has so much to offer.  Once you get here you will be glad you came.  Michigan is a multicultural state.  Residents of Michigan have come from all around the world.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find that Michigan will have residents that share your ethnic origins.  Residents that share your religion.  We have Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, Mormon, Amish, and Jewish residents to cover just a few of the religions in Michigan.  There will be a place of worship for you here.  Michigan is definitely a cultural melting pot.  There will be restaurants and places to get your favorite foods too.  After all, is that not one of the scary parts of your Michigan relocation?  Whether you will find a place to move to that you and your family fits in.  A places that is comfortable and has the style of life you love. 



So what is so great about Michigan?

As your Michigan relocation guide I would say it is our natural resources.  You may be transfering here because of a job, but life is just not about a job.  It is about living and enjoying your life.  If you are like me a job is a way to pay for the things we really want to do.  A job is to pay for the fun times, the vacations, the weekend getaways, the times with family and friends.   Even if you are just spending time at home relaxing that is what we would rather do.  I do not think anybody on their death beds says "I wish I would have worked another day".  Our jobs are just a way to pay for our life, our Living. 

Moving to Michigan can open up so many opportunities to explore the natural resources of Michigan.   Our lakes, our golf courses, the rivers, the state parks, the county parks, the ski hills.  There is so much to do.  Whether you are a runner, a boater, a golfer, a hiker, a biker, a fisherman, a hunter, or kayaker.   If there is something to do outside we have it.  Great Lakes coast totals 3,288 mi, more coastline than any state but Alaska.  The great lakes around Michigan is 1/6 of the world's freshwater supply.  So you are never going to run out of water here.  As compared to California, or Arizona.  They say Michigan has more golf courses than any other state.   That is one facet of Michigan.  Michigan has so much to offer even if you are not an outdoors person.

Here are some of the counties I will cover as your Michigan relocation guide:

Feel Safe in Michigan!

West Bloomfield PoliceI bet you did not know this when you first started your move to Michigan, but we have so few natural disasters.  We have no hurricanes to destroy our house.  We are not in tornado alley.  Yes we have a few tornados a year, but none of them are huge category 4's or 5's.  In the past 5 years we have had anywhere from 6 to 27 tornados throughout the whole state of Michigan per year.  They ranged mostly Catergory 0 & 1s.  With just  a few 2s.  We do not have whole towns wiped out because of tornados.

No eathquakes to speak of either.  Yes, we may have a tremor every ten or twenty years, but never anything that would cause you concern.  No volcanos going off like Hawaii or Alaska.  Even with all of our rivers and lakes flood issues are minimal.  No whole towns under water.  So you will love living in Michigan because you have no natural disasters that are going to be a yearly occurence.  Even with all of our forests we do not have the dry conditions like California, Arizona, Colorado, or many of the western States.  So we do not have the major forest fires like they have out west.  When you move to Michigan your home is going to be much safer from Mother Nature than many other states.  On page 2 below you will find more about crime in the local communities. 

Michigan fall colors

Three of the four seasons are great here in Michigan.  Most people do not love the snow and the cold but if you like to snow ski, cross country ski, or ice skate you may love our winters.  Most of the times we have winter thaws so usually we have warm up periods where the temperatures get up to 50 degrees in the winter.  Most people love the spring, the greening of the grass, and the budding of new flowers.  Fall is spectacular here in Michigan with cool breezes, and amazing fall colors.  Our top summer temperatures are usually in the 80's but sometimes it gets up into the 90's.  Rarely will we see over a 100 degrees.


Jobs in the Metro Area

Metro Detroit definitely depends on the auto industry.  So our Michigan economy is cyclical like the Auto industry.  We have our ups and downs but usually there is a job to be found if you are willing to go look for it.  Our industrial base is expanding and technology is coming to Michigan.  Google has an office in Ann Arbor, and our state is constantly looking how to make Michigan more friendly to start ups and companies from across the country.  So whether you are a white collar worker, a retiree looking for part time work, or consultant Michigan has work for you.

Auto Companies Detroit MI

Moving to Michigan

If you are moving to Michigan we are going to try to give you as much information about the local area as possible.  Photos and my perspective of the different cities.  I will give you the top cities in different counties and in the area.  My goal is to help you make a sound financial decision when you move here whether it is because you took a new job, or whether you are just moving back to be close to family.  I love Michigan and I hope you do too! 

As you go through this website of Michigan relocation cities you may notice that many of these cities to be very similar.  I have tried to avoid cities that will not meet relocation buyer standards.  Most of my past Metro Detroit relocation buyers are buying homes over $200,000.  Most of them want good to excellent schools, safe communities, and areas and towns that are going to appreciate over time because they are desirable communities.

If my clients are going to be robbed or the schools are bad then I do not consider them to be top relocation choices.  I have tried to avoid the worst communities in Detroit and even the border communities. 

Remember we offer a great buyers bonus for Michigan relocation buyers.  We have worked with so many relocation companys so we will make your move even smoother.

Michigan home buyers bonus


For more about Michigan relocation and moving to Michigan click on one of the following pages for information on the best schools in Michigan, crime & crime statistics. lakefront properties in Michigan, best cities to live in, etc.        





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