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Relocating to Michigan
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Detroit Relocation

What can I say about the City of Detroit if you have a Detroit relocation in your future.  I myself do not have a great opinion about real estate in Detroit.  However there are some very nice communities in the City of Detroit.  There are thousands of people that love the city and work hard to make the city a better place.  There are lofts, condos and apartments along the riverfront, midtown, and near the sports arenas that are safer places to live than some of the lower income neighborhoods.

Here people that live and work in Detroit and have no issues with major crime.  They are proud to live in the city.  Yes there are some great condos, and lofts near downtown and mid town that I feel would be good for home buyers if they want to make Detroit home.  There are areas like the Boston Edision district, Cork Town, and Indian Village that have nice homes in them too.  If you are looking to buy in Detroit in this areas I would say you are not making a bad choice.

The Ren Cen Detroit Michigan

What I fear is living in the average neighborhood where the crime is higher, the police are stretched out further, and the city services are stretched.  The mayor, the city council, the police, and the fire fighters are working hard to make the city a better place.  There are so many good people that are trying to raise a family in the city and working hard against the criminals that have a foothold there.  Will you be shot walking down the street?  Will you be robbed, or mugged, or raped? I don't know.  What I do know is that if you have the money to buy in the suburbs your insurance will be cheaper, the crime rate is lower, and the schools are better.  That is how I look at real estate.  Good schools and safe communities.

Fall weather in Michigan

Are there many abandoned homes that need to be torn down?  Are there gangs in the city?  Is the chance of being a victim of crime greater in the city?  I have to answer yes to all those questions.  Is living in Detroit bad?  Absolutely not.  Is Detroit a bad place?  Not at all.  I like going downtown.  But like all major cities in the US you have to be aware of the area you are in.  Otherwise you too can be a victim.  That is what I am saying.

I have sold home in Detroit and my clients love their homes.  They are happy.  That's all that matters!

When you talk about Detroit relocation you can separate it into the suburbs of Detroit or the City of Detroit.  Here are my issues with living in the City of Detroit

  1. City services
  2. Crime rates
  3. High insurance rates
  4. Schools

Let's talk about city services.  If you do not know the City of Detroit is in bankruptcy.  They have huge deficits.  The problem is that the city is so large and the tax bases has dropped dramatically.  Many business have fled the city.  There are very few large retailers left in the city.  Especially if they are a stand alone store.  There is no large department store in the city anymore.  Whether it is because of lack of shoppers going to the city, or the high theft problem I do not know.   Many residents have left the city too.  There are thousands of vacant homes in the city.

What cities near Detroit have high crime rates?

Homes in Detroit

So the city is scrambling to make ends meet.  Simple services like lighting, and maintaining parks are tough for the city.  Response times for the police, fire, and ambulances is longer than most Metro Detroit suburbs.  So that is a big factor for me and my clients.  What if you need a police car or an ambulance to your home?  Do you have 5 minutes or 20 minutes to wait.  Because of the budget problems there is older equipment, and less personnel.  Are you willing to bet your life or your child's life on a poor response time.  If you are moving to Detroit or the Detroit area do your research.

Crime rates in Detroit 

As everybody knows crime in Detroit is high.  We are not the murder capital of the US anymore.  But the death rate is way too high compared to the suburbs.  My issue again is not just the murder rate, but everyday crime of home break ins, muggings, and robbery.  Why they even mugged and robbed Rosa Parks years ago.  They ended up moving her to a safer part of the city!

Detroit Michigan

It is not unusual for vacant homes to be stripped of anything of value.  From copper plumbing to furnaces and hot water heaters.  They will be gone if the home is vacant for any length of time.  I would prefer for my clients to be able to walk in their neighborhood without the fear of rape, or robbery.

Some of the gas stations have to hire security guards to prevent car jackings and robberies outside at the gas pumps.  I am sorry but I do not want to endanger my clients. 

High insurance rates in Detroit

Home insurance rates and car insurance rates are much higher in Detroit than in the suburbs.  You can sometimes buy a bigger home because of the lower cost of insurance.  Your total monthly housing bill for taxes, insurance, and house payment will pay for a bigger house in the suburbs.  So would it not be smarter to do that?   If you would like a Detroit relocation guide email me at  

Detroit houses

Schools in Detroit

If you are moving to Detroit you may not know what the quality of Detroit schools are like.  Most of the private schools in Detroit have moved out.  Yes there are still some religious private schools but not many.  Detroit has some good charter schools, but the Detroit public schools is having financial problems and has a low graduation rate.  So once again if your children are your priority would it not be smarter to send them to better schools if you can afford to live in a better area?  

So when it comes to a Detroit relocation you can tell that I have a negative opinion of the City of Detroit.  I have the adage that I treat my clients that way I want to be treated.  I would not live there because of my opinion of the poor city services, the crime, and the schools.  So why would I recommend Detroit to a relocation client.  I think I will be dead before the City of Detroit turns around.  I have sold homes in Detroit to my clients that want to live there.  But I would not recommend Detroit to any Michigan relocation clients.


I feel the goal for any person relocating to Detroit or the Metro Detroit area is to find a home in a safe community that will appreciate over time.  Unfortunately the City of Detroit in my opinion does not fit that criteria.


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