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Safe Cities in Detroit or Not

Crime in Detroit MII am going to rank cities around Detroit in terms of safety.  Now none of these cities are "bad'.  I have gotten this information from internet research.  Thousands of people live in each of these cities and live a good life.  Many of them are law abiding citizens just trying to make a living and get by.  Most of them are good people, but like everywhere in the US you have bad people in some cities too.  What I am trying to do is give you an idea of which cities in the Detroit suburbs that are not the safest.  Then it will be up to you whether you want to move into the city or avoid it.

You have to realize that these cities with the higher crime rates have factors that may discourage you from buying in that community.  Most people buy homes in cities that the people are like them.  Usually the same economic status and the same beliefs.  If you are moving to the Detroit suburbs you may want a very safe place for your family.

Let's talk about why some of these cities have high crime rates.  Usually when you have a population of low income residents, or a portion of people living below the poverty line then you will usually have higher crime in the city.  It's just a fact of life that the poorer the neighborhood the higher the crime rate in most cases.  The question for you if you are moving to south east Michigan is do you want to move into a high crime area or even a area in a city that has higher crime rates?

Crime in suburbs of Detroit MI

Which cities have high crime rates near Detroit 

What you have to realize that because of the higher crime rates in a city most insurance companies will have higher insurance rates for your car and home.  You have to look at your costs too.  Sometimes you can buy a more expensive house in the suburbs because your cost for home owners insurance will be so much less.  Also your car insurance will be lower too in many of the suburbs outside Detroit.   

Let's start with Detroit first.  Detroit has some nice neighborhoods that have better private and police protection.  Many times the areas of downtown Detroit and midtown Detroit are relatively safe.  You still have to be aware of your surroundings and not put yourself in situations that may get you in trouble.  

If you just look at the statistics, Detroit is not a safe place to live, but do not that deter you if you wish to live in the downtown area. Out of the 100 most populous cities in the United States, Detroit's violent crime rate ranks 2nd highest. In 2020, Detroit had a violent crime rate of 2,248.44 per 100,000 people and is on par with cities like Memphis and St. Louis.  You have higher crime rates, higher insurance rates, car jackings, murders and robberies in the city of Detroit.  If you are basing your move to south east Michigan on crime statistics and safety Detroit may not be your best choice.  However as I said before....where ever you want to move's your life and your decision.surburbs of Detroit with high crime rates

The other cities that have much higher crime rates than other cities in the Detroit suburbs are 

  • Inkster
  • Pontiac
  • Highland Park
  • Hamtramck

Suburbs of Detroit with high crime rates

You are going to find shootings, robberies, and very high crime rates in these cities too.  Whether they are safer than Detroit is up to your interpretation.  If you crossed Detroit off your list you probably want to cross these four cities off your list too.

Now I am going to list some other cities that I describe as the first ring of cities around the City of Detroit.  These cities have higher crime rates but not as nearly as bad the the City of Detroit, Hamtramck, or Highland Park.  Some of these have low income residents, but some of the crime in these cities come from the residents of Detroit that come to these cities to commit crimes.  They are a little rougher cities but not bad cities.  Many different people live in these cities.  You will find most races, religions, ancestry, and cultures in these cities.  You are most likely are not going to find high income people living in these six cities.  Nor will you find a lot of huge houses in the city.  I would call these cities starter communities with many of the homes in the 900 square foot to 1500 square foot range.  Here are the next cities with the next highest crime rates.

Where to live in Detroit suburbs

  • River Rouge
  • Ecorse
  • East Pointe
  • Oak Park
  • Ferndale
  • Hazel Park

There are many safe streets and safe homes to live in these communities.  Again they are not bad cities, but just cities with a little higher crime rate than suburbs that are further out.  Those six cities are north of 8 mile and south of I-696.

Next I want to talk about some big cities that have borders with Detroit.  These six cities are good cities but the areas close to Detroit will be a little rougher and a little higher crime.  The majority of homes and areas in these six cities have lower crime rates but you have to be aware of where to buy to have lower crime rates and lower home owners and car insurance.  Here are the next cities that have mostly lower crime rates but have sections that can be rougher.  The sections that are rougher are going to be close to the border of the City of Detroit.

Armed robbery

  • Melvindale
  • Dearborn Heights
  • Dearborn
  • Lincoln Park
  • Southfield
  • Warren  

Lastly I am going to talk about two cities that have a little higher crime rates due to a college in the town and a town that has a very large office and factory concentration.  Ypsilanti has higher crime rates partly due to what happens in college towns.  Auburn Hills has a little higher crime rate do to all the businesses in the area.

I hope this gives you an idea of which communities in the Detroit that are going to have higher crime rates.  You may chose to live in one of them or you may chose to avoid them.  It's your choice.  You can double check me by googling "how safe is" and then put the city in.  The internet will give you all the information you need to determine which cities are safe enough for you and your family.

If you are looking to move to one of Metro Detroit's suburbs give me a call.  I am a good Michigan relocation agent that will provide you with the information to make a smart home buying decision.  I want you to find a home that you like and will feel comfortable with.  I want your family to be safe.  I want you to be able to send your children to good schools and know that they are safe.

Give me a call...I will work hard for you to make your move to Michigan an easy move.

Call or text me at 248-310-6239   

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