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Worst Cities in the Detroit area

I am going to give you some of the worst cities in the Detroit area.  I am one of those guys that believes you should treat others as you want to be treated.  So if you have a Michigan relocation in your future because of a new job then I want to at least point out some of the worst cities in the Detroit area.  I do not want you to waste time going to see properties in these cities.

Detroit Michigan

My basis for determining the worst cities is several different factors.

  1. Schools - How good are they?  What is the graduation rate?If the school system has poor MEAP test scores.  That is the State of Michigan's standardized test for grading students.  Or if the school system has a low graduation rate why would you move there?
  2. Crime rate - How bad is the crime in the city?  If you have a chance of getting shot or your children being involved in a drive by shooting then I classify this as a high crime area.  If you have to park your car in the garage to protect it from having the tire or radio stolen then it is a bad place to live.  If you leave your house locked up and come back to find it burglarized during the day then there are issues.
  3. Major stores in the city?  I believe if there are very few national chain stores in the city that means the income level is too low and or the theft rate it too high?
  4. Chances that homes will appreciate?  Even in bad cities home will appreciate over time.  But if you can buy a home cheap it usually means it is a not so hot city to live in.
  5. City services?  If the city is struggling to collect taxes, in bankruptcy, or cannot keep the basic services going then there are issues.
  6. Would a famous person live in the city?  

Worst City in Michigan



Detroit does have some good areas but a large portion of the city is crime ridden, and decaying.  The city is Bankrupt as of 2013 and struggling financially.  The city lights and parks are in disrepair.  The fire department equipment is in poor shape.  The response time for EMS, Police, and fire is not the best.  So why would you move into a city where you could die because EMS did not get to you in time over a simple heart attack?  I wouldn't move there.  If you turn on the local news just about every night you will hear about a Detroit shooting.   Young, old it does not matter.  They do not care who is in the way sometimes.  Would you want your child there.   The hardest thing in life I believe is to loose a child.  I do not want any of my clients kids to be shot because of where they live.   lf you look at Detroit you will see that very little National chain stores have places in the city. At one point the Detroit public schools had a 25% graduation rate.  Would you want to send your child to that school system?  I heard on TV last night that 50% of all Detroit home owners had past due unpaid water bills.  In any other suburb they would be shut off. Lastly they even robbed Rosa Parks who was a famous person in her home.  The city's punks had no respect for her either.  They had to move her to a riverfront condo so she could live out her years in safety.  A city so bad that some gas stations have to hire security guards to the customers do not get robbed or car jacked while pumping gas.  So Detroit is not high on my list of places to move to in Michigan.

Detroit Michigan


The City of Pontiac was so financially bad that they had to dismantle the police force and pay the Oakland County sheriff to patrol the streets.  They currently have a financial manager to handle the cities finances in 2014.  They have a poor school system.  A school system that is on the states priority list of low achievers.  Not a good place to be.  The city has a high crime rate.Detroit Michigan



 School System so broke financially that it was dissolved and the students sent to other school districts.  High crime rate.  You can buy a home cheap here.  No or few national chain stores.

Highland Park

City has had a financial manager for a year or two.  Really poor school system.  No or few national chain stores.  High crime rate.  Good place to get mugged or robbed.


Has a financial manager and a school system that is on the states priority list of low achieving schools.   High crime rate and no national stores in the city that I know of. 

Detroit Michigan

The bottom line is that people do live there.  Some even chose to move there for what reason I do not know.  Why live in a city that has a high crime rate.  Did you know that you are paying higher car and home owners insurance because of the high crime rates.  You can live somewhere else cheaper.  If you are relocating to Metro Detroit then stay away from these cities unless you cannot afford to live anywhere else.  So of these cities and school systems will always have financial problems in the years to come.  You deserve to live in a city that the EMS unit will show up when you need them.  Where you do not have to go to the police station to report a car accident.  Most suburbs they come to you when there is an accident.

My goal as your Michigan relocation specialist is to provide you with the information to chose a city that is like the city you came from.  A city that will make you feel like home the day you move in.  A City in Southeastern Michigan that is safe.  You can chose to live in any city you want, I just you to have the potential for your home to gain in value if you have to move again.  That's my goal.  If you want a Realtor on your side give me a call.  I will get you the information you need to buy a home here in southeastern Michigan.







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